Vegetarian Cooking Night

When travelling in youth hostels our guests usually want three things: 1. try the local cuisine 2. get food fast and inexpensively 3. cook comfortfood that can be shared

For the National Vegetarian Week 2018 we combined all three. With a small grant from the Vegetarian Society we invited guests from the Belfast International Youth Hostel to gather in the self-catering kitchen. With sleeves rolled up and loads of laughter we followed the instructions of our volunteers who managed all sous-chefs as if they had done this for years. On the first night we enjoyed a vegetarian Italian feast with Ludovica (who has lived in Belfast for over 5 years now) and on the second night we indulged in a Kenian buffet with the help of Laila (who was student at Queen’s University). Can’t wait to do this again. Vegan next time?

Laila hard at work

Some of our guests from USA and Canada chipping in for their dinner. Well done!

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