Thank You For Your Support

Hostelling International NI is adding its voice to a plea for government support for the hostelling sector.

Liz Saville-Roberts MP has tabled a motion in Parliament which MPs can add their voice to. We are joining our colleagues in Scotland, England and Wales asking for MPs to support the motion. You can help us too!

The motion asks for targeted support to help hostels through to the end of this difficult year and through the winter ahead. Hostels have been hit particularly hard during the Covid-19 pandemic and many are closed or operating with very limited capacity. Hostelling is based on sharing: space, ideas, experience: sharing space and experience is off the agenda at the moment.

We have a small network of hostels in Northern Ireland but each plays an important role in the community in which it operates. In Belfast we lost more than 70 groups, schools and universities, community and youth groups, in 2020 and our other hostels have been similarly affected. Travel and tourism generally has been on hold since March.

We are approaching our 90th anniversary. 90 years of providing affordable accommodation, a gateway to the countryside, supporting youth work and volunteering. We hope to return stronger in our 90th year to welcome you all back.

To support the survival of youth hostels, our unique shared environment, please email your local MP and ask them to support the Early Days Motion 1100 Support for Hostels. Find contact details for your MP here.

Thank you for your continued support. Take care and see you in 2021!
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