T:BUC Girls United

We are proud to make a small contribution to the ongoing peace process in Northern Ireland. We believe that young people and their development is the key to a positive future for all here in “our wee country”. Our popular GIRLS UNITED Cross-Community Camps finished their second round in March 2020.

This project is funded by the Education Authority (OFMDFM) who oversee the T:BUC scheme which means Together: Building a United Community. We have partnered with Catholic Guides of Ireland and Girlguiding Ulster since 2018 and we are excited to continue in the future.

Both rounds that were delivered over the years involved several pre-camps in different locations where the 40+ girls (aged 11-14) got to meet and co-design the camps that followed. During the main camp we enjoyed time at Whitepark Bay Hostel which was the perfect place to play, discuss, create and learn together. The post-camps gave opportunity to even further deepen the friendships that came out of this project. A few of the highlights that need pointed out here were:

  • a short documentary was made about the Girls United in 2018. You can watch it HERE.
  • the girls attended and marched in the International Women’s Day rally in Belfast 2020
  • the girls designed a cross-organisational badge that was then produced and sewn onto their uniforms (see below)

Girls United Badge 2017-2018

Girls United Badge 2019-2020

At Whitepark Bay beach during team building games

At Lorne House facing the zip line

Who am I?

At the 2020 International Women’s Day Ralley

Group contract at the beginning

Creating imaginary machines that will bring peace


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