Covid-19 Updates …

Our hostels in Northern Ireland are currently closed on the advice of the Northern Ireland Executive.

We continued operating for as long as we could, and as safely as possible.  A lot of hostellers found themselves stranded in the middle of a long trip and a long way from home: others were waiting for a flight home.  In the end we closed our doors.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and guests, along with protecting the communities in which we all live and work and our National Health Service, is our utmost priority at this time. It is also important that we are not enabling non-essential travel.

We hope you continue to dream and make plans for when we can travel again.  We are planning for that moment too.  Just watch this space!

Hopefully we will have more news on a reopening date soon, but in the meantime you can already book for dates right up until the end of June 2021!

Take care.  Keep dreaming …


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