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Hostelling International Northern Ireland is pleased to announce the re-opening of our hostels to guests from Friday 31st July.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back. We have been welcoming guests for almost 90 years(!) always with the same intention to provide safe, quality and affordable accommodation for everyone seeking to broaden their experiences through travel #staysafe #morethanabed

When we open our doors again there will be different procedures in place, guided primarily by UKHospitality advice and best practice, in order to make sure that everyone feels safe in our spaces.

These measures include:

  • Social distancing -Stay physically distant from other hostel users in line with NI Executive guidelines – signs are in place to remind both staff and guests
  • Enhanced cleaning – Staff will be trained to deliver frequent Covid-19 secure cleaning and disinfecting protocols throughout the hostel
  • Hand sanitiser – Hand sanitiser stations are positioned in the hostels, with signs reminding guests of the importance of frequent hand cleaning
  • Contactless payments – Please pay with contactless wherever possible, to avoid cash transactions

In addition, we are:

  • introducing new internal signage to provide clear guidance to guests
  • installing protective screens at reception
  • initiating new operating procedures that ensure once you have checked in, your bedroom won’t be entered by a team member for housekeeping
  • keeping self-catering kitchens, luggage rooms, TV rooms and some other communal areas / facilities closed for now.
  • At our North Coast hostels, it will only be possible to book by room, rather than by bed

Guests will also be required to complete a form at check in obtaining information for track and trace and agreeing to abide by our new policies and procedures while on our premises. These new ts and cs include any guest self-reporting COVID-19 symptoms while staying with us needing to check out immediately and to travel home as safely as possible.

It should also be noted that our affiliate hostel in Armagh does not have a re-opening date announced as yet. Please continue to keep an eye on our website / social media for any updates on this.

We hope to see you very soon – take care and travel safe!

Hostelling International NI

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